Amy Sack, Owner/Operator

  • 26 years experience in nursing
  • 16 years as a fitness instructor
  • 8 years as a skin care specialist

All have shaped me to be passionate about weight loss andin helping others to feel comfortable in their skin – no matter what step in their progress or what level of frustration they might be experiencing. My goal is to keep moving my clients forward. As a skin care specialist, I have followed a medical grade routine for 25 years using Obagi products.

Dr. Sack, along with Botox and injectable fillers have helped me keep my youthful appearance. One of my secrets is always managing to make my health a priority which includes a healthy skin regimen, maintaining a healthy weight and a consistent fitness routine that includes yoga, road cycling and weight training."Transformation Medical Weight Loss & MedSpa is a dream come true for me! I love being a part of this positive, uplifting, life-changing practice of medicine where I can be a real force in transforming the lives of others."